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The Sparkle Cafe
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Welcome to Sparkle Cafe!

This community was created to give the fans of *Nsync a place to come and share the sparkly. Some days it may be news, some days it may be gossip, some days it may just be that we need a fellow SDB lover to boost our morale. That's what we're here for! We hope you'll join us and come and have fun with us. It's all about the love for the sparkly and fun. We will also be having a chat room where you are more than welcome to come and meet other fans. It will be easy to join in a chat - all you'll need to do is open AIM, invite yourself into a chat room and enter the name of the chat room. If all goes as planned, the chat room will be called "sparkle cafe". We hope you enjoy yourself!

Community Moderators are: jeannie_82, musiclover03 and truekat.

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